discovery programme logoThe Discovery Programme is a public institution for advanced research in Irish archaeology. As distinct from the other public bodies that deal with Irish archaeology, the Discovery Programme's sole activity is to engage in full-time archaeological and related research, in order to enhance our knowledge of Ireland's past. Our only other concerns are to communicate the results of that research, as appropriate, to scholars and the general public, and to promote the introduction of new technologies and new techniques into Irish archaeology.

 The Discovery Programme was set up in 1991 and was funded initially by the government through direct grants. Now, as an independent body, it is mainly funded by an annual grant from the Heritage Council.


The Discovery Programme undertakes to answer, through investigative research projects, questions in Irish archaeology that arise from time to time. The organisation is governed by a Council and Directorate whose members comprise leading Irish archaeologists from the whole of the country (north and south).

Contact Details

Address: The Discovery Programme, 63 Merrion Square,  Dublin D2, Ireland
Tel: +(353) 01 639 3039
Fax: +(353) 01 639 3710

Project Members

Anthony Corns
Robert Shaw


  • Geophysics

    Geophysical survey is a general term for a range of non-invasive or non-destructive techniques used

  • Lidar

    Airborne lidar (light detection and ranging), also known as Airborne Laser Scanning (ALS), provides

  • Kite & UAV

    This part of the website will be updated with new content on the use of kites and UAVs (unmanned/uni

  • Multispectral

    Remote sensing instruments measure energy between specific parts of the electromagnetic spectrum cal

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